Exciting Updates!

For the start of the 2021-2022 school year, we have some exciting changes that have occurred and are upcoming in the next few months!


We have welcomed a new Administrative Team, who have all been hard at work in their new roles.

  • Jamie Cabrera, Program Director
  • Lydia Ugalde, Enrollment Coordinator
  • Danielle Rush, Human Resource Manager
  • Tina Yates, Finance Manager
  • Breyane Stattel, Executive Assistant


In March, our administrative office will be moving from East Grand to West Grand, in the heart of downtown Escondido. So be on the lookout for updates about our open house.


As ECCDC progresses with the times so does our website! We are in the process of having our website re-developed with some new and updated features, pictures, and information. We will be making it easier for people to enroll and partner with us. We will be sure to advertise our launch date.

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