Enrollment and Testimonials

Testimonials – Parents

“I could have not picked a better place for my son to go to school. This is his 2nd year there. He’s learned so much already. He knows all his colors,ABC’s,numbers, he is reading some  words, and is writing too.I love the atmosphere at ECCDC Boyce Center. The the teacher are great. I love that all the teachers know him. Words cant even express how grateful and thankful am with the staff and teacher.there just amazing.” – Sandra N. – Escondido

“I came to this country when I was 10 years old. I speak English but I am not an educated man. My wife does not speak English but for us to know our son Mark learned to speak good English here means so much to us. This program gives our family hope for the future because you all are teaching him things we never could. We don’t live around other children and so our son never had a friend but now he loves to come to school because he has friends and people to laugh and play with. ECCDC is so much more to our family than childcare, because of this program my son is going to have better opportunities in life than I did…and for that we are so grateful as a family.” – Humberto N – Escondido

“This place is very good.  Lan always takes great care of me.  Always comes early and I love working with them.  I highly recommend ECCDC!  The rest of the teachers are all fantastic as well.  My daughter Aylin loves going here so much!” – Juan D. – San Marcos

“My son has been going here since he was a year and a half and he’s done nothing but progress!!.. He is 5 now!! Always ready to go to school!! My son knows his ABC’s, how  to write his name and knows all his shapes and colors ! Completely ready for kindergarten! Teachers are constantly doing projects and most of all my son loves every single one!!! Patty in the office is amazing and stays on top of all your paper work.. so you never have anything to worry about! Love her! I don’t trust anyone with my son but here at ECCDC everyone is amazing! I can honestly say they feel like family!” –Regan R. – Escondido

“Want to say great job to this day care for being a great influence to my nephew he has learned so much it’s unbelievable how fast he’s learned. I really recommend this place to anyone who is looking to go back to school or to work who needs a great day care that will treat their children with all the love and respect they deserve.” – Irma E. – Escondido

“I was a mom who always took care of my kids at home. But I have started working so I had to put my two smallest kids in day care but it was difficult for me to trust someone else with my kids.  I found this school and felt satisfied with the teachers and staff and built trust with them. I can now say I trust them with my kids. I especially like how they taught my kids good manners, ABC’s, numbers, shapes, etc. I’m so thankful for this school and the staff there specifically the teachers because it feels like family is taking care of them instead of strangers while I work. I definitely recommend this school for your children I have no complaints to give. Thank you ECCDC Child Development Boyce School.” – Adoracion M. – Escondido

“My son attends the Clothier sight on Lincoln, he’s been going their for less than a year. He has learned his ABC’s, Numbers, and various songs. His teachers are the best, they are friendly and very helpful. His vocabulary has very much improved. He has also learned how to say thank you, excuse me & so on. I feel very at peace while I’m at work, because I know he’s in good hands. Robert, Julie & Mariela are  very kind and helpful. I do recommend you bringing your child here.” Lissette V. – Escondido

“I have two children at the clothier center one in the infants room and the other in the toddler room. I LOVE this program and the care that they provide for my children. The staff is friendly, kind, smart and I can see how they enjoy what they do. I have been with ECCDC for 4 years now I have not had any problems with anyone or anything …the staff is very good at communicating information with me especially for up coming events. Or if they need any thing for my file. I trust ECCDC with my kids that speaks for its self.” Carina B. – Escondido

“The teachers are very patient with the children. Sometimes it can be challenging working with children, but I see that this place treats children well. The teachers help the children understand each other. They organize fun activities with the children and are involved with them. The teachers help children discover their abilities and virtues. I notice my daughter developing academic skills. The kids learn how to be friendly and sympathetic to their peers. In my case, my daughter really loves her teachers because they have treated her well. My daughter enjoys her nap time here too. She also enjoys her lunch time with her friends. She always tells me what she eats. This center is a compliment to the discipline I have at home. For example, at school, the teachers make children responsible for picking up their toys. I do this at home too.

In my case, I don’t speak English well, so what my daughter has learned here at school, she is able to teach me at home. This center has helped me have and maintain my job because the hours they offer enable me to go, work and return to pick her up. This place is a safe place for my daughter and I, in comparison, if a person took care of her in their home, I wouldn’t feel as comfortable. The teachers know how to communicate with the parents in a respectful manner when children have incidents. This is nice for the parents. The teachers work on helping children learn from their mistakes in a positive and respectful way.” – Lauriana P. – Escondido

“My oldest daughter attended ECCDC until she went on to kindergarten and now my youngest is going there. I am so happy with the care my children have received there, the teachers are so loving and caring to all the children. My kids have learned so much there thanks to them. The staff is also very professional, friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend ECCDC to anyone with small children.” Gladys G. – Escondido

“This place is so wonderful.  I had a child (foster) who was kicked out of his previous child care and a school in San Marcos did not want him.  He was a bitter and had a lot of issues. I took him to the place on 9th Avenue.  The teachers there were patient and worked with him and he did wonderful.  They taught him so much and he got better.  I love what is being done here.” – M. Martinez – San Marcos

Testimonials – Child Care Experts

“I was impressed with the work the staff was doing in the classrooms.  They are working as a solid team in each classroom and helping each other in all areas.  They exhibit positive attitudes and respect for the children.  I offered some suggestions, in areas that could use improvement, and my suggestions were warmly accepted”.   Cindy Leso, Cindy Leso Early Childhood Consulting