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Get Involved as an
ECCDC Volunteer

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ECCDC is always open for volunteer assistance, whether you are needing to fulfill community service for school or retired and want to give back to the Escondido community. Your dedication and commitment is vital to the success of our programs and we greatly appreciate your contribution!

These are just a few of the Volunteer Opportunities we offer:

  • Playground Monitor (a commitment for a period of service may be required for this position)

  • Classroom Activities Preparation (a commitment for a period of service may be required for this position)

  • Garden Club and Sensory/Playground Projects

  • Facility-grounds Projects

  • Special Events- Fundraiser, Recruitment Fair, Appreciation Party, Graduation **If you have a special talent and would like to offer your services to ECCDC, please let us know!

Basic Skills Needed

  • General Education

  • Child Development

  • Event Planning

  • Community Outreach


  • Able to frequently sit, stand, kneel, bend, and lift up to 50lbs independently

  • Must be responsible and professional
    **For facility maintenance projects: Must have prior experience with general maintenance tasks and able to use tools confidently and safely. If licensed or bonded in a trade, must be able to present current credentials


  • Able to complete a background check

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Immunizations and statement of good health

If any of these things pique your interest, please apply by filling out the volunteer application and submitting it to [email protected] or you can drop it off at our Central Office location.

ECCDC welcomes those looking to intern as part of a school program, job transitioning, or job training. If you are interested in such an opportunity, please reach out to your school facilitator or instructor and they will guide you through the guidelines and agreements.

Thank You! -The ECCDC Team

Classification of Volunteers

  • Regularly Scheduled Volunteers: When a volunteer commits to a regular schedule and over a period of an agreed upon time. This can be ongoing or over a pre-determined length of assignment like summer vacation.

  • Special Event Volunteers: are those who serve only once or occasionally in an event situation. Examples of such events are fundraisers, recruitment fairs, graduation, and employee appreciation events.

  • Seasoned Volunteers: are those who have been at ECCDC for long enough that they are able to train and supervise other volunteers. (Ex: ECCDC Board of Directors)

  • Professional Volunteers: are those that volunteer using expertise according to their license, registration, or classification as required by the profession. These credentials must be current to provide these services.

Playground Monitor and Classroom Activities Preparation Volunteer

Volunteers are to actively scan and supervise children while on the school playgrounds or in other areas designated by the Site Supervisor.

  • Physically and visually supervise children indoors and outdoors to help maintain appropriate teacher: child ratios and safety at all times according to Title 5 Regulations.

  • Works as a team player

  • Promote the growth and wellbeing of the children and to maintain a healthy and safe learning environment.

  • Survey playground area regularly for unsafe and/or hazardous conditions.

  • Communicate, listen, and actively interact with all children.

  • Must obtain fingerprint background clearance

Event Volunteers

ECCDC holds several annual fundraisers on our property and in our community. All events are made successful by the generous time donated by our volunteers. Event volunteers are dedicated and contribute to the success of our organization by assisting with special events, fundraisers, and graduations.

  • Plan and execute day of to ensure events go smoothly and that guests have an enjoyable experience.

  • Set-up/tear-down

  • Greeters, ushers, general assistants, servers, check-out etc.

  • Decorate

Facility/Garden/Playground Project Volunteers

ECCDC has two large sites in Escondido, and we often have projects to help keep our programs looking beautiful and safe.

  • A variety of tasks as needed