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Our Heroes

We want to thank Yesenia Garcia for being a community hero! Yesenia Garcia was en route to drop off her daughter for care. Yesenia noticed a small child standing in the middle of the road on Spruce Street. The child appeared to be 3 or 4 years old and was not wearing any socks or shoes. Yesenia stopped her car and tried to see if an adult would appear to get the child. Yesenia waited for a few minutes, but no one came forward. Yesenia then called the Boyce Center and spoke with the site receptionist, Teresa. Teresa informed Site Supervisor Nikki of the situation and said Yesenia was seeking advice. Nikki asked where the Yesenia were, and Eunice and Nikki went to find them. Upon locating them, Nikki picked up the child and brought the child back to the center. The police were called. The police arrived, and we showed them where the child was discovered. The police approached a home that had an open gate, and after attempting to announce themselves, the police entered the home. Upon entering the home, the police woke a sleeping teenager. The police asked some questions of the sleeping teen and realized her little sister had gotten out of the house. The police called the mom, who was at an appointment and would be heading home. The police left the child in the care of the older sister. The police thanked us for calling and shared this was his second type of missing child call within the last 24 hours.

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Getting it done the Espinoza Way!" Spotlighting Lizbeth and Ayleen Espinoza- both sisters joined ECCDC in October 2022. Ayleen came to ECCDC with college credit from Cal State University, San Marcos, while Lizbeth had never attended college. Immediately, both sisters understood the importance of having a foundation in Child Development to aid them within the classroom. The sisters were motivated to carry their weight within their classrooms, Ayleen working with older infants and Lizbeth working with preschoolers in the 4-year-old classroom. Both sisters, without financial support, made an investment in their own education and futures. The Espinoza sisters signed up for 3 Child Development classes each at Palomar College. Both sisters plan to take another class during the summer and obtain their associate teacher permits. Ayleen also has plans beyond her associate permit to return to CSUSM to complete her bachelor's degree. Way to go, Espinoza sisters…we are thrilled to have you in classrooms working with children.

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Gabriela Granados has been with ECCDC since she was a baby. Gabriela had a speech delay and qualified for early intervention speech services when she turned 3 years old. Prior to receiving services, Gabriela was shy and lacked confidence in herself. Gabriela has received speech services on the Lorraine Boyce campus twice a week for the last two years through a partnership with Escondido Union School District. Gabriela was just evaluated and approved to end speech services. Last month, Gabriela was the class narrator for her B4 preschool classroom's play of Henny Penny. Gabriela stood before the whole audience and confidently introduced her classroom play. Gabriela will be graduating from ECCDC this summer and headed to Kindergarten in the Fall. Gabriela, we are so proud of the hard work you have done, and we know you will do amazing things in the future.

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