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Our Mission,
Vision, and History
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Our Mission

Investing In Our Community...One Family At A Time

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Our vision is to provide quality early childhood education, development, and health programs for children 4 months to 5 years of age at little or no cost to low-income families. This early education program helps families to remain gainfully employed, attend school, or have time to look for work and be self-sustaining. ECCDC provides quality care and early childhood education that promotes early intervention and inclusion, nutrition, wellness, and support in licensed community-based centers. Education and support can break the cycle of poverty.

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Founder, Lorraine Boyce

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Founder, Ruth Clothier


Established in 1974, former Mayor Lorraine Boyce and Escondido resident Ruth Clothier petitioned the state of California to provide Title V funding to provide the opportunity for parents of young children to work or go to school. The Escondido Community Child Development Center, Inc. is a state-licensed, non-profit early learning and care organization for children ages 4 months to 5 years. Today, ECCDC serves about 300 children at two child development centers in the City of Escondido and partnership facilities.

The Escondido Community Child Development Center, Inc. provides a comprehensive and coordinated child development program, which includes a full range of education, supervision, health, and social services designed to assist children and their families to maximize their full potential. We offer early interventions and inclusion support services, which include annual on-site child screenings and assessment services for vision, hearing, dental health, nutrition, and dual language development. Each child is offered two main meals and a snack per day following the Child and Adult Food Program. ECCDC has grown so much that we partner with Head Start through EasterSeals and MAAC, as well as the Escondido Union High School district.


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The teachers are very engaged with the students. It makes me

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Solo tengo un comentario esta escuela me ayudado mucho a...

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Estoy muy contenta que Silvano esta encl programa. El esta feliz...

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